What did you ask most often?

The public participation included a number of activities aimed at raising awareness of the project and involving the public and all key actors in the area in planning the transformation of the site. The most frequent questions were related to the amount of greenery, the environmental impacts of the project, the solution of cycling, automobile and public transport, the creation and development of public spaces.


Hotel Hybernská


A new block of triangular floor plan with a hotel and business units will be created on the hitherto unused parking area between the railway station, Hybernská Street and the main road.

The building completes the street profile of Hybernská Street and shields it from the noisy traffic on the main road. At the same time, a new residential street will be created between the track and the completed block, also providing access to the National Technical Museum. The hotel has already received a zoning decision and construction is scheduled to begin in 2022.

In the spring of next year, however, a rescue archaeological survey will begin in its place. Below the building there are Gothic walls (Mountain Gate), Baroque walls (bastion) and a relief channel of the fortification (from 1860). Part of the Baroque walls will remain visible through the window in the facade of the hotel.

The new building will have 7 floors. The top floor will be recessed with a terrace, similar to the roofs of neighboring houses. In the basement is planned one floor with garages and technical facilities.

The hotel should be approved and opened in mid-2024.



An important phase of the project is the elevated roofing platform of the Masaryk railway station. This will connect neighbouring city districts and facilitate access to the platform.

It will no longer be necessary to bypass the entire railway station, the route will be shortened towards Žižkov and Karlín, it will be possible to get off straight from the train to Na Florenci Street and walk through the passages to Poříčí and further to Petrská čtvrt. The whole area of Florence will be much more friendly for pedestrians.

The platform itself will also be a pleasant public space, largely overgrown with greenery, shrubs, trees and flowers.

In charge of the roofing project is Správa Železnic (Railway administration), Penta participates financially. The construction is planned between the years 2023-2026.

Masaryk railway station


Part of the extensive Masaryčka project is the reconstruction and modernization of Masaryk Railway Station itself.

We have been reconstructing the historic building since 2013. It has a new roof, a repaired ground floor, and we are gradually repairing facades, mosaics and window fillings. We have opened new shops, toilets, cash registers, a waiting room or a luggage room.

ČD is now reconstructing the upper floor, we are preparing a new restaurant and other shops, and we will continue with repairs. The railway administration, in turn, is preparing a comprehensive modernization of the railway station, expanding the existing number of tracks to 9 and connecting to the airport.

All this during the operation of the station in an effort to minimize the impact of the reconstruction on passenger comfort.



Today you will find here mainly parking, a few stalls and a flock of pigeons ... At the entrance of Na Florenci Street from Havlíčkova Street, a smaller square will be created, which will be bordered by the historic Masaryk Railway Station and the facade of the new building - the golden tower by Zaha Hadid.

The whole area will be much clearer. Collisions of pedestrians with cars will be reduced, at the same time, there will be a direct entrance to the platform from the square and a transfer to public transport in the opposite direction. The square will be complemented by new trees and fountains, which we will especially appreciate in summer.

The final form of the square will come from a two-round open competition, which we will announce at the end of this month.

Na Florenci


The extensive Masaryčka project has 6 phases - the biggest transformation awaits Na Florenci Street. Along the northern edge of Masaryk Railway Station, 2 blocks of buildings will be built according to the design of Zaha Hadid, including the dominant of the golden tower. This will create a modern city street with facilities and services on a two-storey ground floor, offices and direct access to the station, including facilities for passengers.

The project has already obtained a zoning decision and is awaiting a building permit. Construction could begin at the end of this year and end in 2.5 years.

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