Evolution of the project

The revitalization project of the Masaryk Station is the result of a long process, which was – and is still being – done in consultation with the Prague Municipal Authority, the Planning and Development Institute of the City of Prague (Institut plánování a rozvoje hl. m. Prahy) and the relevant state administration bodies. The revitalization project underwent many changes and has had a complicated evolution. Its first phase, the revitalization of the area along Na Florenci Street, obtained a building permit in February 2021, and we began the construction of two buildings designed by Zaha Hadid.

Steps to come

Construction of the first phase of the project in Na Florenci Street

Archaeological research and construction of a hotel in Hybernská

Results of the architectural competition on the new square near Masaryk railway station

Announcement of the urban competition in the territory of Florence

  • The Czech Railways announces a competition for a new use of the land which was under construction closure for 50 years.

  • The company Masaryk Station Development, a. s., is established. It further develops the Masaryk Station area.

  • The company Masaryk Station Development launched an idea competition, Shaping an Idea of the Future of the Area and of the Adjacent Plots. The competition was attended by architects and artists such as Roman Koucký, David Vávra, Federico Díaz, David Černý and Magdalena Jetelová. The results were published in the book called Inspiration.

  • A competition for an architectural study of the area took place. Five studies by the studios A.D.N.S. Architects, Ateliers Jean Nouvel, AP Atelier, CMC Architects, CMA and DUA Studio were elaborated. The studies differ in their approach to involving the Masaryk Station in the structure of the city and in their relation to the North-South Highway (Severojižní magistrála). They were presented at the exhibition called The Future of the Area around the Masaryk Station, held at the Faculty of Architecture, CTU.

  • The building permit for the repair of the roofing of the historical part of the departure hall was issued.

  • Penta Investments Group enters the project, taking over the majority stake in the company Masaryk Station Development a.s.; the sub-partners, companies SUDOP Invest a.s. and Morávka centrum a.s., remain.

  • The building permit for the revitalization of the Masaryk Station public spaces was issued. In particular, it was related to the repair of the floor in the departure hall, the repair of the facade and the modernization of the technological equipment.

  • The Council of the City of Prague approved the change of the territorial plan, which allows the revitalization of the brownfield near the Masaryk Station.

  • In response to the approved change of the territorial plan, the company Masaryk Station Development organized an international urban-architectural competition, inviting six Czech and six foreign studios.

  • Out of the set of competition designs, the investor selected the solution of Zaha Hadid Architects, which comprehensively covered the area and created new connections and centres in the public space. Since then, talks have taken place with the City of Prague, the Prague City District 1 and the Planning and Development Institute of the City of Prague. The design has undergone many changes and it is the result of a joint agreement between the investor and these institutions.

  • Territorial decision on the reconstruction of Na Florenci Street was issued.

  • Presentation of the design created by Zaha Hadid Architects in the Municipal House (Obecní dům) in the presence of Mayor Adriana Krnáčová.

  • The investor and the City of Prague concluded an agreement on cooperation for the reconstruction of the square space on the corner of Havlíčkova and Na Florenci Streets.

  • Completion of the fieldwork of the archaeological research in the area. Altogether, over 240,000 findings were uncovered.

  • Within the framework of the Masaryčka spojuje events, the consultations on the revitalization plan of the Masaryk Station area with the public took place in October and November 2018.

  • As part of the consultation process of „Masaryčka spojuje“, the public collected suggestions for the revitalization of Masaryk Station. It was possible to submit suggestions from October 22 to December 9, 2018. The subject of public consultation was mainly the solution of public spaces and ensuring civic amenities.

  • A working group of representatives of the investor and the authors of the proposal for the revitalization of the territory was set up to process public comments gathered during the consultation of the revitalization of Masaryk Station and its surroundings. Based on these comments, the investor made changes to the project.