Revitalization of the period buildings of the Masaryk Station

The set of the Masaryk Station buildings is owned by the company České dráhy, a. s., which leases the majority of usable areas of the objects to the company Masaryk Station Retail, the majority of which is owned by Penta. Masaryk Station Retail carries most of the financial costs of the reconstruction of the railway station public spaces, commercial units, cash desks and social facilities.

What has already been done?

The reconstruction of the classicist building of the railway station was started in 2012. The companies SUDOP Praha a.s. and TaK Architects s.r.o. are involved in the revitalization project of the Masaryk Station period buildings. The company TaK Architects s.r.o., represented by Ing. arch. Marek Tichý, covers the overall concept of architectural approach to the reconstruction of this registered immovable cultural monument.

A complete reconstruction of the roofing of the main departure hall, including its facade on Havlíčkova Street, was carried out. In 2016-2018, the work continued by making a new floor of the hall, including the technological elements below it, the repairs of the facades and the installation of new opening fillings, including delicate advertising signage of the units operated by the tenants. In 2016, a new transformer station was built in the basement.

In 2017, new passenger toilets were open at the Masaryk Station and the facade of the north-eastern building was reconstructed, including the installation of new opening fillings and the restoration of the historically valuable doors to the former Customs House. Since 2016, there has been a continual change and renewal of commercial units, which should offer the passengers an expected contemporary standard.

Front view from Havlíčkova Street Front view from Havlíčkova Street

A part of the reconstruction of the building consisted in the repair of both the interior and the exterior.

The building was given new plastering, the windows were replaced and the shelter construction in the front of the building was also repaired.

View from the tram stop View from the tram stop

A view of the building from the Masarykovo nádraží tram stop.

Departure hall Departure hall

In the departure hall, the roof with the characteristic cast-iron columns and the other supporting elements was repaired. The restoration of the other parts of the beam and their decoration, as well as the reconstruction of the floor, was carried out.

Commercial units Commercial units

The commercial premises of the station building at the corner of Havlíčkova and Na Florenci Streets underwent a significant change. These are gradually passed on to new operators. The aim is to significantly increase the quality of the services offered and the comfort of the passengers and other visitors to the area.

Toilets Toilets

In 2017, new toilets for the passengers were set up at the Masaryk Station.

What is being prepared?

At present, the modernization of the Czech Railways´ cash desks is being prepared in the station building, and the repair of the ground floor (parterre) and the interior of the building on the corner of Hybernská and Havlíčkova Streets is under way. The new cash desks will be placed closer to the actual platforms, the facade of the southeast building will be reconstructed, including its opening fillings, and further work will be done on the replacement and completion of new commercial units. All this will be carried out during the operation of the station in an effort to minimize the impact of the reconstruction on the comfort of the passengers.