The Masaryk Station and its surroundings are to undergo a great change in the years to come. It should become not only an important traffic hub in Prague, with a connection to the airport, but also – and predominantly – a meeting point, where people will not just pass through, but spend quality time, meeting for work or entertainment. It will change into a place that will connect the neighbourhoods for pedestrians from Florenc to Žižkov – a place that builds on its past and at the same time brings new dynamics and opportunities for use. The aim of the Masaryčka spojuje website is to provide you with more detailed information and updates on the reconstruction plan of the Masaryk Station and its surroundings; it will also present invitations to events and information on how to get involved in the public consultations.

The international jury has selected five teams ...


The Florenc 21 urban competition (competition of subsequent stages of the revitalization of the Masaryk Railway Station area) will involve multidisciplinary teams, including the world-famous Danish architectural studio BIG Bjarke Ingelse or the Czech studios A69 and UNIT architects. The proposals will be presented in November this year.

You can read more about the competition in the article here: The new look of Florence. The international competition will be attended by 5 famous teams -

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